Message from the Editor
Wednesday, 06 September 2023 11:43

Recently, a wildfire in Maui island in Hawaii killed over 100 persons. It happened so fast that the residents were caught by surprise. Most did not know about the fire until it was close to their place. It was a disaster. There was no warning, and people rushed to leave the scene but found that the whole town was engulfed in flames. The main roads were jammed with cars trying to escape, but many were burnt eventually. It was a windy night, and the whole town was surrounded by dry grassland. When the fire started, the strong wind quickly spread the fire around. Some people were even forced to jump into the sea while wooden buildings along the coast were set aflame.

OCIO Achievement: Pilot Use of ChatGPT for Students and GPT-4 for Staff from 1 Sep 2023
Wednesday, 06 September 2023 11:40

With the launch of the pilot use of ChatGPT (GPT-3.5) for staff in late Jun 2023, OCIO has extended the service to students from 1 Sep 2023. Meanwhile, colleagues were invited to join the pilot use of GPT-4 also from 1 Sep 2023.

OCIO News: Welcome to New Students and Staff
Wednesday, 06 September 2023 11:22

Welcome to the EdUHK! The Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) is responsible for the provision of information and communications technology services to the EdUHK community. In this ever-changing learning and teaching environment, OCIO is prepared and delighted to assist you in whatever way we can.

OCIO Achievement: Share a Location or Route on the Campus Navigation Tool via a URL or QR Code
Wednesday, 06 September 2023 11:27

Users can now easily share a location or a route on the Tai Po campus via the campus navigation tool at in the form of a URL or QR code. The enhancement, implemented in Aug 2023, was aimed at helping freshmen and visitors find their way around campus more conveniently.

OCIO News: Software Applications for Students and Staff
Wednesday, 06 September 2023 11:16

All students and colleagues are eligible to use Office 365 ProPlus, a full version of the Microsoft Office suite, for free on up to five personal PCs and up to five mobile devices.

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